LBHS-36editMy love of photography began in my youth taking pictures to remember events and occasions.  As a child there was always a camera available to me whether in the form of a simple 35 mm disposable, a polariod, or my mother’s old Konica SLR with an array of lenses. Initially I photographed things – butterflies, trees, pets – but over time more people crept into my pictures and my focus evolved to portraiture.

My first portrait of note was a self portrait taken when I was 15 with my prize possession Nikon Coolpix 5400.  I then began to photograph friends and family members who needed headshots for various ventures, graduating to Nikon brand SLR’s. As I entered my college years I found that even when taking pictures at events and outings the people in the pictures were the primary focus.

While in college I worked at a mall portrait studio but felt constricted by the rules imposed in the world of “cookie cutter” portraits.  I completed my AD in liberal arts with an emphasis on the visual arts in 2009 and was anxious to strike out on my own where there would be no limits to my creativity.

An opportunity presented itself in the summer of 2009 when a quaint turn of the century building in Ebensburg changed hands and became available to rent as a portrait studio.  The space was renovated to my specifications and claire terese photography opened on December 4 2009.  The space consists of an office, changing room and 2 studio rooms but I do encourage clients to go off sight to favorite places to capture their true essence and spirit in a natural setting.

The work I do now includes seniors, child and family portraits, weddings, head shots, and industrial photography.

There is such a vast array of differences in the human face and form and I strive to capture the things that make each of my subjects unique.  I am inclined to avoid photo shopping and would rather take as many shots as necessary to capture the real moment. I am happy to work with clients to make sure that together we capture that meaningful memory.

I hope you enjoy my new website.  You are welcome to look around and see some of my recent work.  Feel free to call me any time or to stop by if you happen to be in Ebensburg.  My hours fluctuate depending on sittings and off site shoots so it’s always good to call ahead if you want to visit.  My studio is a new adventure that I hope will provide countless images and years of memories.